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May 18 2014
2014 Annual Memorial Service

Join with the community of Sands Parents to reflect and share memories

Mar 25 2014
Fundraising Feast at Rita's Cafeteria

Enjoy a 3 course set-menu banquet and raise funds for Sands Victoria

Feb 1 2014
Winery Tour Fundraisier

Join with friends and enjoy a wine tasting tour on the Mornington Peninsula and raise money for...

Sands is there for you

Sands is a self-help support group comprised of parents who have experienced the death of a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth or shortly after birth.

Sands provides immediate and ongoing support to bereaved parents, families and friends. Sharing with others who have had similar experiences can assist parents to work through the often intense grief which follows the death of a baby.

Peer support is important because it provides grief support from those who truly understand. This can help minimise grief-related problems for parents and families later down the track.